Software Engineering Manager

Best practices, a phrase that resonates with you? If so then read on?

You?re still a technologist, yes you manage others now but you?re interested in how technology makes things work on a basic level and on detailed level how to improve things technically

You also love people, love the feeling you get when they get better, mix the two and you have your perfect job.

You?re not really looking to code commercially anymore, although if you absolutely have to you still can, code reviews are fine though, understanding architecture and the software development lifecycle, knowing where to spot mistakes and how things can improve. Your days as a Java developer are behind you but you know what?s new and what technologies can be used to do a more efficient job.

People, watching them grown and improve, learning how to work with them in a 1-2-1 situation and then getting them functioning as a team, you may not have mastered it but you?re on your way

So in black and white what are the three main skills for this?

Previous experience with management of software engineering teams of around 5 people in size.

Previous experience of having managed product development using agile methodologies

Hands-on experience of building and supporting reliable and operationally robust full stack and distributed Java applications / products

Sound like you? No need for a CV at this early stage, just email me on (url removed) and we can set up a chat

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