Software Developer – Scala, Akka, Microservices, TDD, Agile

What you are doing in your career matters to you. You want to get better with functional programming but also build technology that helps people and changes the world for the better. You can combine the two by joining one of the most well-respected Scala teams in London and use your skills & intelligence for the better.

The world is changing, we are realising that the way we live may not be sustainable, however we don?t need to change our drive for improvement, we need to use the smartest minds such as your own to innovate to help potential disaster for future generations.

10 years ago, some people decided to do something about it, a decade later they have the 2nd largest energy business in the UK, absolutely determined to use innovation & tech to keep improving things. On top of that the profits they make are used for good causes, including their very own charity.

In order to make progress we have to encourage failure, they do this, risk is high but so is the reward, on top of excellent base salaries they pay outstanding bonuses, sometimes as high as 50% for people who have shown entrepreneurial spirit and saved or made the company money

You love to code and solve problems. You follow best practices, TDD, pairing and are familiar with Microservices architecture. You also love Functional Programming experience, especially with Scala, you?d like more training in it though, surrounded by experts.

Is this your bag? Let?s have chat if so, no CV is necessary at the moment

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