Managing and coding is a bit daunting for some, not for you though, you?re special and you love it. You love tech and building things, but you also love people and watching them grow.

Some companies have been around for years and lose relevance, this isn?t one of them, they have an awesome tech only hub in London which is completely separate from the wider business, almost like working for a start-up without the risk!

You?re Java based and have worked with Java8/11, AWS, Spring and modern agile & DevOps practices including Pairing, TDD, CI/CD, Microservices (design) and RESTful API?s.

You?re also a leader, you?ve seen things, taken on challenges and guided teams through to delivery, you?re pragmatic and know how to inspire.

You?ve seen all the challenges a payments platform can bring, the security risks, the integrations, the who lifecycle, you don?t panic in any situation.

How will you make an impact?

Coding with the team, participating in code reviews and ensuring we build the best product

Setting a high standard for junior engineers to follow and supporting them in achieving this

Being an advocate of the DevOps model, you build it and you own it

Are you reading this and thinking it is literally you? Let?s have a chat! No CV is needed at this stage just email (url removed) to set up a chat

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