You don?t get fazed; you take it in your stride and get the job done. With great power come great responsibility, if you want to be responsible for the entire payment?s platform of on the UK?s biggest brands then I suggest you read on?

You?ve done well, that can?t be disputed, you?ve got a senior level, but have you forgotten where you came from? Where it all started, if you have then this might not be right. If you still love technology and getting involved in the architecture and the software development lifecycle then read on?

You also love people, love the feeling you get when they get better, mix the two and you have your perfect job. You love developing them, and managing the managers, you still have a connection with the engineers and know what they?re doing even though you don?t directly manage them.

You?re conscious of the big picture, the problems that arise in a company of this size and the amount of money we are dealing with. You know the security risks and pick holes in where the applications can be penetrated by someone with bad intentions. You?re also good with money, a big budget won?t phase you, you?ll use it well and improve the team, however you rely on your ability to motivate and improve people, not just throwing money at it

You don?t code and haven?t for a while but when you did you were an awesome Java developer who followed best practices and utilised the newest tech, that hasn?t changed, your still up to date with tech

So in black and white what are some of the mains skills need?

A strong people manager, with excellent collaboration and stakeholder management skills

A track record of delivering large-scale, well architected solutions at pace

You drive and implement best practice improvements

On top of all of this they are paying an exceptional salary with a bonus if up to 45%

Sound like you? No need for a CV at this early stage, just email me on (url removed) and we can set up a chat

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