Flooding caused by heavy rain has seen a number of train services out of Devon cancelled.

Great Western Railway has reported that ‘all lines are blocked’ between Exeter St Davids and Tiverton Parkway.

Replacement transport by road has been introduced instead.

However, people are being warned to expect delays and allow more time for their journeys.

Cancellations are expected to go on until at least the end of the day.

“Due to flooding between Exeter St Davids and Tiverton Parkway all lines are blocked,” a statement on the GWR website says.

“Train services running through these stations will be cancelled, delayed or revised. Disruption is expected until the end of the day.

“Replacement road transport is in operation in both directions between Tiverton Parkway and Exeter St Davids stations. Note that today, the majority of train services between London Paddington and the West of England will terminate and start back towards London from Tiverton Parkway railway station. Only a couple of trains, in both directions, will be able to operate as through services between London Paddington / Reading and the West of England via an alternative route.

“Customers, especially those seeking to travel on late night services, are advised that they should allow much more time for their journey and, where possible, travel earlier than were the normal timetable to be in operation.

“Customers are requested to wait for road transport in the designated road replacement areas. Customers are advised that buses will run later that than the advertised train times due to line of route and additional time required for loading and unloading.

“CrossCountry are conveying passengers via any reasonable route until further notice. However do note that CrossCountry train services will be similarly affected and will not operate between Exeter St Davids and Tiverton Parkway / Taunton.”

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