Some of the most successful companies in the world didn?t overcomplicate things, they made them better and more accessible, this company have been hugely successful and this is your chance to come in and help build on it.

They have an incredible office and awesome engineers to work with who adhere to best practices and always want to learn and improve, they need someone like you to help them with that. You will line manager between 6-10 people.

The culture is one of tech but also people, you enjoy helping people get better and improve their lives, get promotions and one day take your job! Of course, you also need to love technology, you innovate and you are curious about learning, being outside of your comfort zone excites you.

The technical background you come from isn?t that important although the ideal would be Java as they are a Java house themselves. They also have JavaScript developers in the team who work with React. The most important thing is that you adhere to modern development practices such as Microservices architecture and an appreciation for DevOps such as Docker/Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines.

This team is key because it mixes the digital with the physical. Experience of building platforms that turn in to a physical product would be awesome, that’s what this team does, it’s key to the business because what your team builds is their product!

The three main responsibilities for the position are as follows:

Supporting the engineering teams purpose of ?enabling the companies? product vision by building and continually improving high quality & reliable software to delight our internal and external customers?

Line management of six to ten software and test engineers including hiring and performance management, in one or two teams

Setting up engaged engineering teams to fulfil their purpose

This sound like you? Let?s start with a chat, no CV is necessary at this early stage so just email me on (url removed)

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